Weʼre Raising Funds to Help to fulfill the basic need of food, clothing, and housing in the world

Due to Severe food and water shortages have killed livestock and driving families from their homes. Millions of children are at risk of malnutrition. The lack of clean water has increased the spread of disease, leaving children vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses like cholera. As children’s lives are turned upside down they are also forced to drop out of school, heightening risks of exploitation and threatening their futures.



We’re doing whatever it takes to fight this desperate situation. We’re providing food and water to drought-hit communities. We’re treating malnourished children and running mobile health clinics to provide health and nutrition support to hard-to-reach areas. We’re protecting children and helping them stay in education.



We’re working hard to reach every last child, but the lives of millions are at stake.

Please help us reach children in the world before it’s too late.



Thank you for your support. Together we can save lives.

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